Introducing: Marketing Monday!

Hi everyone!  I decided I’m going to start a little feature called Marketing Monday!  On Mondays I am going to talk about all things internet marketing including: SEO, social media, and tech.  Here are the links I’m loving this week:

Top 10 Tips to Transition Old Fashioned Content Into Real Time Web Writing via Search Engine Watch

As someone that does A LOT of content writing, I thought this article was especially helpful.  Having the right content is definitely important in SEO. 

Instagram iPhone Case via Mashable

Using your photos to make a iPhone case… how fun is that??? As a huge fan of Instagram I thought this was an awesome idea!

Social Media Audience Grows 37 Percent in the Past Year via comSCORE

Wow!  There are some amazing stats in here about the growth of social media.  Fascinating to a tech nerd like me!



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3 responses to “Introducing: Marketing Monday!

  1. seoblueprints

    Great post today. I look forward to your SEO content.

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