DIY Project: Kitchen Chair Makeover!

Hi all!  Sorry it has been SO long since I’ve posted.  I have been extremely busy with work and getting settled in the Queen City.  However I am FINALLY  ready to start blogging about new new life!

For my first real post I want to share about my kitchen set makeover!  I found a great dining room set at a consignment store for an amazing price!  The only problem was the seat cushions…  Yuck!

Needless to say, this had to go!  I wanted to recover the cushions with a really bright, colorful fabric since most of my kitchen is painted white.  I also wanted the fabric to match some pictures I had hanging up in the dining area.  I ended up choosing this fabric:


Much better!  After the fabric was ready it was time to recover the cushions!  Since the old fabric on the cushions was really old and gross, I decided to recover the cushions with an old table cloth first.  I covered all the cushions with the table cloth inside out using a staple gun…

The next step was covering the cushions with the new fabric!  Basically I repeated the process of covering the cushions with the fabric and securing the fabric with a staple gun.


Here is a finish cushion:


aaaaaand Ta-Da!  Here is the finished product!


I was really happy with the way it turned out!  Since I am new to the world of DIY projects, I was a little nervous about taking this project on at first.  However, it ended up being super quick and easy!  I am going to start documenting more DIY projects, sharing marketing trends, decorating info, and more.  I am going to leave you guys with a picture of my new dining area.  Enjoy!


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